Consequent to the submission of an application via the waspgte website some initial checks are done by the team:
  1. Does the applicant meet the membership criteria?
  2. Does the applicant have a connection to one or more of the Network Operators?
  3. Has the applicant made the quarterly payment starting from the date of registration?

Once the above requirements have been confirmed, the application can be forwarded to the Steering board at the Secretariat. However if the applicant fails any of the checks, then the team must seek clarification from the applicant, or inform the applicant that they do not meet the WASPAN membership requirements.

Once the application has been forwarded to the Steering board committee, the members have a week to object. Should objections be forthcoming, it might be necessary to conduct a ballot. If there are no objections within one week, the application is automatically approved by the steering board committee.